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We have courses for everyone. We teach and certify using the most up to date guidelines

Whether you need an American Heart Association card for your job, or just want training to be prepared in an emergency, or maybe you are going to be a new mom or dad and want to learn what to do if your baby is in distress, we have the correct course for you. College students, we will make sure you get the correct certification card. You can rest assured that our teaching methods will have you confident in an emergency situation. Most of our classes combine interactive video from the American Heart Association, along with the manikins and instructor. Making for an enjoyable interesting class.

Your facility or ours.

We will come to your Hospital, Senior living facility, Urgent Care, CNA or Healthcare training center. We also work with Skilled Nursing, Rehabilitation and Healthcare agencies. Many gyms require there employees to learn CPR, We also certify boat captains who need the American Heart Assocition Coast Guard certification. 

Do you have a group that would like to learn CPR? We can help. Restaurant workers, 

Community centers, Boy and Girl Scouts, Schools and Colleges. Libraries, Condo associations, Church groups, Parents, Parents to be, Babysitters, 

Paradise CPR Training has brand new adult and infant Training Manikins

that are fully compliant with the New requirements for Feedback Devices. Our new jaw thrust manikins have lights and sound giving you instant feedback insuring

that you are doing the correct timing and the correct depth for chest compressions. Even if you have learned CPR in the past, in the last few years, timing and technique have changed dramatically. New training saves lives. 

We make it affordable and most classes get your American Heart Association certification card the same day

We have classes for everyone

Individuals, groups, recertification, combine two different classes and get a discount.

Call us so we can get you the correct class or classes at the best price. 

If you already have certification, remember to recertify every two years before your card expires, If you have an expired card, that is not a problem, we will just do the original course. If you took the course somewhere else, or the wrong course, or one of the many online courses that are not accepted by most colleges or healthcare facilities, we would love for you to give us a try and see the difference. 

Everyone should learn CPR here's why

Someone — maybe a friend or even a family member — has cardiac arrest right in front of you. Their heart has stopped beating. They need help. What do you do?

A survey shows that most Americans would perform lifesaving CPR if they knew what to do.  Most people don’t know what to do, or they fear legal ramifications or hurting the victim, and think someone else will come to the rescue.

We get it. The benefits of performing CPR far outweigh the risk and can double or triple the chance of survival. So don’t wait for someone else to step up. Learn and do CPR. You might even save someone you love. Good Samaritan laws in Florida and most states, protect bystanders from legal consequences if they act prudently and in keeping with their training.

212 Meadow Lake Dr. Edgewater FL 32141

(904) 337-9140

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